When I think of you…

I have to take a minute today to say Happy Birthday to Lynn… my bestest friend from high school, my most faithful blog reader and an all-around wonderful person!

I’ve been trying to think of something profound to say. But all I can think of are all the things in life that remind me of you.

So, in the words of Miss Janet… “When I think of you…”

long walks nearly every evening
Diet Coke at McDonald’s
walking to my house for lunch
working at Big John’s
our “diet” lunches of a donut from Big John’s and an apple
sitting on your front porch
dragging Main in the Camaro or the blue egg (what was her name?)
laying out at the lake
proms, homecomings and football games
lots of boyfriends who shall remain nameless
driving by a few of their houses and shouting our true feelings when things didn’t go so well
remember the puppy we named Crucial? I still remember his little smashed body on the driveway
of course, there was Sinead and Janet and Prince blaring in the background, probably on cassette tape

I can’t believe we’re 40! Could it be?

Dance. Sing. Jump for joy. Celebrate! Eat chocolate. Demand pampering. And have the best birthday ever!

Happy Birthday, Girl!

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  1. Thanks Emily! I have such fond memories of growing up with you! It's hard to believe we are actually adults…when did that happen?!Thanks for thinking of me on my birthday!I also remember trading clothes, paintig our finger nails funky colors and the time I didn't show up for our nightly walk and you just knew something was amiss (stupid pole that jumped in front of me)!:)Lynn

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