22 weeks and 3 days

I keep thinking that now that I’m more than halfway through my pregnancy I should update my tummy photo again.

So, this morning, my daughter took some pictures of me using Photo Booth on my laptop. My husband took the camera with him to New Zealand and then took approximately zero photos the whole week. I guess the inside of his hotel room and the warehouse where he spent the week weren’t feeling very photogenic.

Turns out, neither was I! To make matters worse, Photo Booth has the same remarkably low photographic quality of a real photo booth.

I have been feeling especially prego — like my stomach has really popped out the past couple of weeks. And yet, people still express surprise when I tell them I’m halfway through my pregnancy. So, I thought the photo would definitely prove my point. “Can’t you SEE how big my stomach is?!?”

But with each photo we took, even the kids agreed that my rear end looked really pregnant, but maybe I should stick out my tummy a little more. I think my upper arm also seems to be carrying quite a bit of baby weight.

My kids were so cute telling me to stand more sideways and adjusting the computer screen to try to improve the size of my stomach in the photo. But only my backside continued to get larger with each adjustment.

I can assure you that my doctor, midwife and the super specialist doctor who does ultrasounds on women who have “high-risk pregnancies” all agree that the baby is exactly the right size and my tummy measures exactly the right size. And yet, I just don’t stick out that much.

So, for the record, here I am at 22 weeks and 3 days …

I’ll spare you the more sideways view in which my tummy and behind were exactly proportional. I’m definitely enjoying not being hugely pregnant… yet, at least. And I do soooo appreciate people telling me that I look good.

But I feel like I’m constantly trying to explain myself. When I tell people I’m pregnant, they often react with surprise (which I think is normal). Then, they ask the natural question, “How far along are you?”

“Well… I’m sort of, well, like… I’m not really that far, just maybe around 20 weeks or something… sort of half way… but I don’t know… who’s really counting…”

It’s funny. I actually had a few meaningful things I was planning to write when I sat down here, but I’ve completely forgotten what they are.

So, Happy Sunday night! I’ll be back later!

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