Always greener on the other side

Um… I woke up yesterday morning and realized I had forgotten Rule #51 of being pregnant: NEVER choose paint colors during the first, second OR third trimester.

I learned this important rule a few years ago while watching Trading Spaces. A woman featured on the show had painted her basement a horrible shade of salmony-pink, which she selected while pregnant.

Well, I’m not sure Hildi Santo-Tomas really improved the situation. I can’t remember the outcome. I only remember the important lesson about choosing colors while pregnant. Of course, I didn’t remember it until AFTER I had painted our living room and dining room this week.

This is actually the fourth time I have painted this room in the eight years we have lived in this house. That’s once for every child in the family. And the walls just keep getting a darker shade of green.

I do have one tiny bit of hope that I am not going to freak out once the baby is born and I see how dark my living room is. When I was buying the paint, the guy who mixed it stuck his finger in the can to make a little print on the top of the lid. He wiped off his finger on a cloth that had four other fingerprints that were almost EXACTLY the same color as mine!

“Everyone is buying green paint today,” he remarked.

Hopefully, all the other people weren’t painting their shutters and sheds, though. That’s all I could hope.

Before I show you the “before” and “after”, would you mind to go ahead and leave me a comment telling me how much you love it? I’m totally fine knowing in advance that you might be lying. I really won’t be able to handle any criticism right now, so if you non-pregnant people can go ahead and tell me this is a reasonable color, I would sleep better tonight. Thanks in advance.

Before… the lovely paler shade of green:

After… The much darker shade of green.

I do LOVE having feshly painted walls. Now, if only I had enough energy to paint the rest of the house, I would!

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  1. Color is beautiful!! It looks awesome! I also like how we can see you in the mirror too! Your baby bump is coming along nicely:)! Seriously tho, the room looks good… not too dark at all!Laurel

  2. i'm not pregnant. can't be pregnant!! and i LOVE it. possibly it's because i have a very similiar color in my own house. honestly i like it a lot more than the "before".

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