Everything is new this week

It’s a good thing we got some rest Labor Day weekend. Tuesday hit like a whirlwind and I’ve been having a hard time this week staying on top of everything. It seems every fall activity started this week.

We’ve been sticking to our home-school schedule of doing school work from about 8 a.m. until 1 or 2 p.m. each day. But we got to experience some of that “flexibility” everyone talks about, adding on one day to give us more time on another.

On Tuesday, the boys started a new level of karate with two new sensais.

Wednesday brought Alayna’s first day of preschool, complete with a brand new “big girl” haircut.

We rushed from preschool to our first home school “workshop” at Legoland, about 30 miles north of home. We found that home school events give us the chance to go places at a reduced fee and to experience popular attractions in near solitude.

We attended with some friends of ours. But in addition to our two families, only one other boy came for the workshop! They got to test the “tall towers” they built on the Lego earthquake simulator. The kids had a lot of fun roaming around Legoland with basically no lines!

From there, we made it almost on time to Alayna’s new session of gymnastics. She is now in a new class with new friends and lots of new skills to be learned.

On Thursday, we started a home school gym class in the afternoon, and then the kids attended their first session of Awana.

Today was the first day of our home school co-op, which will meet every Friday. And tonight we are kicking off a new season of our church small group.

Whew! And I thought home school was going to be boring!

How about you? Is your fall turning into a tornado or are you cutting back on activities this year?

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