From beginning to end, 365 days of the year

Since I saw the movie, Julie and Julia a few weeks ago, I have been pondering one of the themes in the story.

In case you haven’t heard about the film, the movie tells the dual story of Julia Child, the famous cook, and Julie Powell, a blogger who is a bit obsessed with Julia.

In the movie, we learn how Julia evolved from a bored housewife, living in Europe, to become one of the best-known cookbook authors of all time. Set in a different era, the movie also tells the story of Julie, another bored wife and self-described “government drone” who sets out to cook Julia’s recipes every day for a year.

Julie started blogging way before blogging was mainstream. Her blog gains a following and by the end of the year, she becomes famous for her effort.

But was it really because she managed to cook all of those complicated recipes out of Julia Child’s cookbook? Or was it because of her witty writing style and personal issues she exposed on the blog?

I think that part of what made Julie so unique was simply that she made a commitment to do something each day for an entire year.

That is a huge commitment when you really think about it. I mean, is there anything you would do every single day, without missing even one day of the entire year. (Let’s not count the obvious… sleeping, getting dressed, going to the bathroom.)

Since watching the movie, I have been thinking about what I would do if I was going to do something for a year.

I have several friends who have vowed to take a photo every day for 365 days straight. One of them scrapbooks her photos; the other posts them on her blog.

I also have checked in several times on the blog of a woman who cooks something in her crockpot every single day.

If I was going to make such a pact, I think I would probably promise to update my blog 365 times a year. That is something that is fun for me, and yet, I know it would be a challenge not to miss one single day. Taking a photo a day also would be a good goal that I would enjoy, but would seem both challenging and do-able. I just can’t seem to think of anything more original, though.

What about you? Would you read a chapter of a book? Exercise? Cook something?

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  1. I thought about that when I saw the movie too. I have set scripture reading goals. My goal is to read at least a chapter a day in the scriptures. My blog goal is not quite so daunting. At least three a week. As you know summer was not good for me, but I'm doing better since school started.

  2. I just learned today that my co-worker's husband died suddenly this weekend at the age of 53. Right now I'm thinking if I had to set a goal of doing something every day for a year(s), it would be to make sure I tell my husband and kids I love them, at least one time every single day. I'm pretty sure I already do that, but I could use being more intentional about it.

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