Fashion Friday… or Monday, whatever

Warning: Trivial post about shopping is ahead.

For the past seven months, I’ve been sinking into withdrawal because I haven’t stepped foot in my favorite clothing store, New York & Company, since I got pregnant. My body has been growing at a rate of about .75 pounds per week the past 30 weeks, so I’ve faced the fact I need to focus any clothing purchases on items that include a hidden panel or roomy stomach area.

Thank goodness for the maternity section at Old Navy. It’s the only thing that makes me feel halfway stylish these days.

With less than nine weeks left, I have six long-sleeved maternity shirts, two pairs of jeans and one velour track suit that will have to suffice until D-day.

Instead of getting all crazy that I have to wear the same outfits repeatedly for the next two months, I’ve been trying to focus on how I can still feel put together, even when I’m wearing a flouncy top.

The good news is that both my shoe size and necklace size have remained the same all year. I don’t feel dressed without the right shoes and a necklace. And right now, I need all the help I can get to draw attention away from my midsection.

I realize I still COULD sneak into New York & Company and just browse the jewelry section. But I’ve restricted myself from buying anything for myself this month.

You see, we have this slight problem that we don’t own one single baby-related item in this house. Last summer, I finally conceded we wouldn’t be having any more children and we gave away absolutely everything. We don’t have a onesie, a diaper or a baby wipe, not to mention a crib, bouncy seat or car seat. (Oh, wait! We DO have a stroller and a dresser with a changing table on the top, so I guess we have two baby-related items!)

Side note… to my sweet friends, this is NOT a plea for gifts! However, if you DO happen to have any hand-me-downs, I am accepting donations. ;]

Anyway, what I was trying to say is that I’m trying not to buy myself ANYTHING so we can save our money for all of the baby stuff we need to buy.

But I thought it might be fun to go shopping for a few accessories here at the blog. It’s free. We can do this together. And it will be fun.

Today, I’m focusing on necklaces. There’s nothing I love more than a cheap piece of costume jewelry to make an outfit complete.

Here are a few of my favorites from New York & Company, if I WERE to actually go in the store.

I love the look of the long necklace, and I haven’t really ventured down that path just yet. I know. Don’t die of shock. I’m not sure where I’ve been! I just haven’t found a long necklace that works for me yet.

Here’s another one that I would love to see on. I can’t quite picture how you would wear this one, but I bet it would be cute.

Now, let’s head over to Kohl’s for one of their incredible sales where they mark up everything 100 percent and then tell you it’s 40 percent off. I love their mind games… and their cheap jewelry.

Here’s another option for the long strand of beads.

Or how about this one for the multi-strand look?

Now, let’s get to my favorite style…

The Y pendant…

Or just the pendant…

How cute is this?

And this? I love this one!

Well, unfortunately, that concludes our shopping trip for today. I hope you had fun! I know I did.

So, tell me. What is the one accessory that makes your outfit complete? Necklace? Purse? Shoes? Earrings? I know it sounds crazy, but I really DO want to know!

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  1. I'm pretty lazy when it comes to jewelry, but I've been trying to get better. I do try to get earrings in before I leave the house. The bigger the better.

  2. I like jewelry and try every now and then to wear a cool necklace like the awesome ones you have on here today. Usually just a simple chain.Getting makeup on is a pretty big deal some days. I love Merrill Shoes and I have some sandals made by them as well. They are great for my bad feet and cute in an outdoorsy way.

  3. I am just trying not to be naked during this last month of pregnancy. Have outgrown EVERYTHING. Found a pair of $5 Motherhood Maternity XL (!!!) pants at the Goodwill today as I refuse to pay any serious money for pants that I will slit my throat if I am wearing more than a month post-partum.Blessings, Holly

  4. I have my maternity clothes all in bins. Would you like to go "shopping"? Since I just had Rhys last winter, most of my stuff is only one season out, instead of 5 years? I hate the feeling of only having a few things to wear. I have your stroller. You can have it back. It is in my car, so I can give it to you. I have a baby bathtub, changing table, and swing all available for use also. Oh and a co-sleeper. Let me know!

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