Sending some bloggy love… halloween style

I just have to respond to A Musing Mom’s latest post with this photo:

My daughter’s preschool teacher is amazing. She comes up with the most creative crafts my daughter brings home three days a week.

These crafts are so wonderful that we can’t possibly throw any of them away. Oh, no. We need to keep them all! We need to display them in our home. We need to hang them in prominent locations. And if one mysteriously disappears, well… it doesn’t go unnoticed!

This one tops my list…. especially since I love spiders almost as much as A Musing Mom does.

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  1. Okay, so can you see what I mean? Those school crafts can be a tad too well done, no? Something about pipecleaner spiders creeps me out. You can tell your daughter she did a nice job – it makes me shudder.

  2. Not to hijack your post or anything, but you're creative… my son thinks I should be a cloud for Halloween, I have one idea that I posted on my blog… but need other ideas of how to make such a costume. Any thoughts?

  3. Hey Emily!We missed you guys at Legacy! Our craft this week just happened to be spiders! I will bring Matthew his craft next week.Hope you all have a great weekend and get to feeling better!Talk soon.

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