Five easiest meals… ev-ah

Judging from all of the cards and letters I have been receiving, you all have been dying to know what ever happened to my UNBELIEVABLE Seven Day Meal Plan That Never Changes.

As you might recall, my goal was to make the same seven meals every week for a month. Actually, it was 14 meals, since my plan included lunch, too.

The first two weeks were awesome. Each day, both my husband and the kids would ask with anticipation, “What’s on the meal plan for today?!” Or “What is on the schedule for Wednesday?” They were all actually planning ahead and looking forward to their favorite meal of the week.

Grocery shopping also was so simple. With the same meal plan each week, it was easy to remember what ingredients I needed, and I could stock up for future weeks.

But about halfway through Week 3, someone started getting tired of the rotating meals.

She started to complain. She couldn’t stand the thought of Sloppy Joe. Her former love for BLTs was turning to revulsion. And biscuits and gravy? No way.

And since she IS the mom of the family, she started making substitutions. And why does it always seems that substitutions = Panda Express?

Well, I’ve been getting back into planning mode. I still have my basic meal plan on the fridge to use as my baseline, but I’ve been throwing in some of my Easiest Meals Evah to mix it up.

And since it IS a new month, I thought maybe we all could share our favorite simple meal. That way, we can all enjoy a little variety this month.

Here are five of my favorites:

1. Our Meijer store sells a fully-cooked rotisserie chicken for $5.99. That is almost as cheap as buying a raw whole chicken! I grab a loaf of French bread from the bakery and add a salad or veggie, and we have dinner.

2. That chicken goes a long way. So, the next day, boil a big pot of chicken broth and water and cook some Kluski noodles with diced chicken. I usually either throw in some carrots, or serve carrots on the side (cooked or cold). This is by far the favorite meal of my children, and we usually have enough for lunch the next day.

3. My top-secret meatloaf. I buy a package of McCormick’s meatloaf seasoning and follow the directions on the back. I serve it with a veggie and some cornbread. Believe it or not, my kids love this meal, as well.

4. Slow cooker lasagna. I can’t believe how good this recipe is! The secret is that you only want to cook it for about 5 hours on low.

5. Cheeseburger soup. Filling. Cheesy. Comfort food. Yum.

Your turn! What’s your favorite super easy meal?

By the way… In case you have forgotten, there is a PERSON living in my tummy! She needs a middle name! Have you voted? I think she’s ready to bust out, and we haven’t made up our minds. Help us break the tie.

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  1. My teenage daughter asks for tacos every day! We went through a time when we had spaghetti every Sunday. I now have to be completely out of time and ideas to be willing to make either one of them now. But… those are both quick and easy!

  2. Here is my fave 5…1.Rotisserie Chicken (I agree with you- can't be beat) I serve it with steamed broccoli and bread.2. Leftover shredded chicken gets turned into quesadillas (I add, bacon, can of ro-tel and cheese. Super easy and very good) OR I take the left over chicken and add BBQ sauce and serve it over a baked potato (also very good and easy)3. Some kind of soup- Love the Tuscan soup from Taste of Home or a crock pot recipe.4. Nachos- My kids love this- I mix cooked, ground beef with some salsa and a little worctershire sauce and serve it over chips with cheese. 5. BLT's or Pancakes (Love having breakfast for dinner!)

  3. wouldn't it be cool if you could comment IN reader. Hear that spying google? Get on it. I will be making your cheeseburger soup. Here are my favorite 5…or frequent five I should say.Creamy salsa chicken on rice in a crockpot.15 oz jar salsa, 2-3 frozen chicken breasts, can of black beans, sometimes a can of corn. cook the normal 4 on high, 6-8 on low. Add a block of low fat cream cheese about 15 minutes before you are ready to eat. the chicken shreds up as you stir. Add chicken broth for tortilla soup the next day.southwestern lasagna.smoked sausage with fried potatoes and onions. Healthy but good.Chili.hotdogs and macaroni. Can't go wrong there.

  4. I love these types of posts!!! I'm always in search of quick meal ideas…..I'm a big Costco shopper…can't beat their prices on meat….here's what I do super fast, and ahead of time!!! CHICKEN: I buy a lot of it, separate it and marinate in in your choice of store bought marinades/bbq's sauces. Put your chicken in ziploc with your marinade, and freeze. You can prepare 6 meals this way in 5 mins. When ready to use, thaw, place in your slow cooker. Yum!PORK: Do the same thing as above, use a tendorloin, pour some bbq sauce over it, put in ziploc, freeze! Thaw, cook in crock pot.Use this for pulled bbq pork sandwiches.GROUND HAMB/TURKEY: Again, buy in bulk. Brown it and season it (I use chili powder, and onion). AFTER cooking it, place it in ziploc bags, store in your freezer. When you want to make chili, pop one out of the freezer, mix with your beans, tomatos, and cook….I don't even thaw it. So fast! I also use this to prepare lasagna. Amazing how fast it is to make lasagna when you've got your meat already prepared! I get a lot of quick ideas from the book ONCE-A-MONTH COOKING. Great resource.

  5. Mmmm, that first recipe sounds awesome, Emily! I'm definitely going to try that one.Gretta… I'm with you on the marinade and freeze. I have a bunch of Homemade Gourmet spices that I use like that. I've also used that once a month cookbook, although I've never actually done a whole month at once in the freezer.

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