Nine on the ninth of ’09

Happy Birthday to the boy who made me who I am. A mom.

He loved me so much he didn’t want to be born. He stayed in the womb an extra week, and then he still thought it was so warm and snuggly there that only an emergency C-section would bring him out.

Oh, but he was so cute. “The cutest baby in the world!” those closest to us would say.

He cried and cried that first year. He taught us about losing sleep and growing in patience. And yet, he always made up for it by being so sweet and sensitive.

How fitting that he is celebrating his Golden Birthday this year. It feels like the year that our whole life changed. It has been the most difficult, the most challenging and the most wonderful all at once.

Our firstborn is such a rock.

He listens and obeys.

He desires to do what is right.

He has an understanding of and curiosity about spiritual matters far beyond his years.

He is a loyal and loving friend.

His creative mind is amazing.

He is sweet and sensitive and caring.

He is responsible and courteous.

He challenges us to be better.

It’s a big job to be the oldest. Last week, we were talking about the baby’s arrival and he said, “Now, I’m going to have THREE to take care of!”

I’m so thankful for the day God gave me my firstborn. I have learned so much through that boy. He helped shape me into the mom I am today.

Without a doubt.


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  1. Happy birthday to Andrew! Everything you wrote about him is so right on. I'm so glad Micah loves him so much…and Matthew too of course! :-)You threw an amazing bash; kudos to you!Michele

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