A tale of two babies

It was a calm Christmas morning.

Our five-year-old daughter received two babies for Christmas. First, she got a baby sister.

And today, she received Kit, the American Girl doll. She thinks Kit’s name should be “Lilly”.

Baby #1: Wow, Lilly. You look sweet in that outfit. All they give me to wear are these sleepers with the footies.
Lilly: Thanks. This outfit was $54 at the American Girl store, plus $13.95 for shipping.

Baby #1: You know, Lil, I think we’re about the same size. What size shoes do you wear?
Lilly: I’m a size 0, of course.
Baby #1: Me, too!

Baby #1: You don’t mind if I just borrow this for a few hours, do you? I have a big party later this weekend.

Lilly: I don’t think so. I’m going to need my cardigan back.
Baby #1: Whaaaaa!!!!

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  1. Too cute! I love it! And if we ever take the American Doll plunge, it will be with Kit (Kit looks like my 3 yr old daughter). Right now, though, I have the princess convinced that all there is to American Dolls is the nice pictures they send us in a catalog every month. If she finds out there are real dolls to be had, I am done for.

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