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Hey there to all my friends who read everydayMOM in a reader or via e-mail. Click on over to see some changes on my blog.

I updated the colors to match the new colors of my 2010 everydayMOM planner.

How do you like the everydayMOM and the everydayKids as a cartoon? I think we’re pretty funny.

And introducing… CapableDad… Due to popular demand, I’m trying to include more photos of the handsome, athletic, smart, loving, kind and very CAPABLE leader of our family.

Yes, someday, I will get my blog professionally designed. Until then, you will just have to endure my frequent tweaks to the layout.

Let me know what you think because if you don’t comment I just might assume you hate it and think I’m a big dork and then I will stay up all night trying to change it again and then you will wonder why I didn’t keep the cartoon family and finally you’ll say something to me and I’ll admit that is why I changed it and THEN you will tell me that you loved it but you just didn’t leave a comment. And we wouldn’t want THAT to happen, would we?!?

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  1. Let me be the first to tell you, I think the cartoon (and non cartoon) family is adorable. And if you hadn't told me, I would have thought your blog was professionally designed!! You did a great job!

  2. Whoa! Do you know I actually noticed the change in colors yesterday and noticed that they matched the new organizer? This morning when I got out of bed I actually pulled mine out to start putting it to use.And can I tell you your menu planning chart in the back had me inspired! Pretty much the only thing I got done yesterday was typing in a similar chart for all the meals I typically make (about 55 in all). I laid it out with four weeks to a page, filled in the January dates, printed and then highlighted my way to a one-month menu plan. It made me very happy to feel so organized.

  3. I also noticed the color change yesterday & thought it was awesome! I love the cartoon family & updated pictures including CapableDad too!Great way to start the new year!Laurel

  4. Lynn, Sarah and Laurel, Thanks so much! You are filling up my little love tank with positive affirmation. =] Lara, I'm so glad you are using the meal planning pages! You can either photo copy the ones in the back or I can e-mail you with the blank pages. I would love to see your 55 meals, too!! I'm going to do my January meal plan today and I should probably come up with some new ideas for the new year.

  5. I'm still trying to learn how to insert links in my blog so that they are blue in whatever words I want instead of just the url address. So, to my way of thinking, you are a professional blog designer!Looks great!Blessings, Holly

  6. Thanks, Holly!Maybe this will help. This is the code you need to put in the html. Your program should have an option where you can "edit HTML".Your link goes here.Whatever you put between the and the will show up as a link. Let me know if that helps or maybe you had already figured it out?(I used to be the online editor for a chain of newspapers, so although I'm not a designer, I do have a basic knowledge of web design. =] )

  7. Getting caught up reading your blog tonight…the new look is awesome!! You are and have always been so talented, Emily! Always a superior look and read!

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