Mommy math

I’ve been trying to work on this math problem all day in my head. Maybe you can help.
There was once a mom who had 24 hours in her day.
She attempted to sleep for 8 hours, in various shifts throughout the day and night.
She nursed a baby 8 times a day for 30 minutes, which equals 4 hours.
She did home school with her children for 6 hours a day.
She spent 1 hour a day taking a shower, getting dressed, putting on make-up and helping her children look presentable.
She spent 2 hours a day cooking, eating and cleaning up after three meals for five people.
She spent 1 hour a day (on average) taking children to various activities and waiting for them to complete those activities.
She spent 1 hour a day on laundry, picking up the house and cleaning.
She spent 1 hour a day interacting with her husband and kids and/or running errands, grocery shopping, thinking about exercising, taking various people to the doctor and dentist, paying the bills or returning phone calls.
She spent every hour of the day multitasking to make room for a quiet time, reading and writing about it all on her blog.
And she feels like she doesn’t have time for herself. Hmm? I guess it’s not just a feeling, it’s a mathematical equation. And math makes it a fact, right?

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  1. I might know your friends, it probably depends on whether they were in Papua New Guinea, or Papua, Indonesia? If they were in Papua, Indonesia, I probably either know them or know of them!

  2. I was just doing that same math for me today. I am done nursing and I am not homeschooling, so I am trying to figure out where my time goes because by the end of the day I am still feeling a little shorted.

  3. When you see the math broken down like that… it's no wonder you feel like you need some Emily time!Soon enough tho, I'm sure some of your time will change again as that baby grows (but not too quick:))And really you accomplish tons during your day!!Laurel

  4. yayyyy for baby! and applause for being that busy and staying sane!! yayyyy sane! 😉 Ok so I'm giving up on google reader and subscribing via email. I expect this to be a huge improvement in the "keeping up with blogs i really like a ton" arena. hopefully anyway!!

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