Ribbons and bows and flowers, oh my!

I’ve never been a girly-girl.

I can’t remember ever in my life wearing a bow in my hair. I don’t think I’ve ever owned a ribbon. I look horrible in pink. My favorite colors are green and brown.

I was born 16 months after my older brother and spent most of my childhood playing outdoors with him and his friends. I liked to ride bikes and play kick ball.

I wasn’t necessarily a tomboy. I liked to get dressed up, and I’ve always loved fashionable clothes. But I’ve just never been overly girly.

So then God had a big chuckle when he sent me our first daughter. She loves dresses and ribbons and bows. Even when she was about 2 years old, she would cry if I didn’t dress her in pink. I’m not kidding. She would cry and shout the word, “pink”!

It hasn’t come naturally to me to dress her up like a girly girl. I love to buy her cute, trendy clothes. But I simply forget about all of the little accessories.

After five years and now with a second daughter in the family, I am finally starting to catch on. In fact, I might even be becoming girly!

I have been thinking I should try to make some bows to put in my daughter’s hair. Never before would such a thought have crossed my mind.

So last week on our big trip to the mall, I was drawn to a kiosk in the middle of the hallway filled with big bows, headbands and flowers. Much to my own disbelief, I suddenly became an impulse shopper.

I purchased things like this:

That big flower can be worn as a barrett. Or it can be attached to baby’s headband.

The pink bow can be removed and worn on its own or attached to my older daughter’s pink headband. Here’s another version in purple:

Now, to all of my mom friends who have known about things like this for years, please don’t laugh. You can see how excited I am about this new discovery in girly accessories. I’m even blogging about it!

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  1. Too cute! I've been lucky too my daughter isn't really a girly girl either but will occasionally ask to wear a dress (but wants a red & purple one).You picked some really cute bows & headbands!!Laurel

  2. Lynn,Did you like those pants?! Thanks so much for that outfit. It is TOO cute! I mean, really?? Who else could pull off that animal print and look so good?? =]Laurel, red and purple?! Wow! That's a challenge! Have you been able to find any red and purple dresses?

  3. I love bows and headbands…just not on my kid. lol I am a tomboy, so having a girl was not easy as she was a girl-girl for a while. She now loves clothes, but only if she can get the dirty. We don't buy a ton of accessories because she only wears them for maybe 5 minutes then gets bored with them.

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