Turn it upside down

Since Baby #4 was about six months old, she has loved to stand with her head on the ground.

We can’t remember any of our other children doing this. Or if they did, we don’t remember them doing it quite as frequently.

When she is happy, she stands on her head.

When she is excited, she stands on her head.

When she wants attention, she stands on her head.

We always wonder why she does this. Maybe people look more interesting upside down. Maybe her brain feels better with all of that blood rushing into her head.

I don’t know. I like to think that maybe she just likes to change her perspective. If life gets too dull right side up, it’s nice to flip it upside down.

When she stands on her head, it’s often contagious. All of the other family members are soon standing on their head, talking to her through their legs.

It’s fun to join her in upside-down world. How can you resist laughing when you are standing on your head?

It’s a good reminder for me, too. When the world is looking gloomy and full of doubt, it’s kind of nice to flip it on its head. If the people around me are assuming the worst in each other, why not expect the best? When people are complaining about what’s happening around them, why not encourage someone instead?

I’m so glad I have this baby around my house to give me a daily reminder that maybe it’s time to turn things upside down.

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