You’re one cute cookie!

Last weekend, a friend invited a few ladies over to learn how to make cookie bouquets. I had no idea what this day would include, but I was in desperate need of some adult conversation and it sounded like a fun excuse to get together with some friends.

My friend’s friend makes cookie bouquets as a hobby, and she agreed to show us the ropes. One of my many jobs in college was at a cookie store. I worked at the most popular cookie shop on campus and it was my job to decorate large cookies with inspirational sayings like, “Get psyched for formal!”

I wasn’t in a sorority myself, but I was able to learn from the pros and perfected my sorority girl penmanship — or I guess you would say, frostingmanship — over time.

But that was back in the dark ages of cookie decorating long before the aisles of Michael’s were packed with every shade and shape of sprinkles, not to mention cutters for every occasion. And I had not ever tried the art of “flooding”, which, for the uninitiated, is how you give your cookie a super smooth coating of frosting.

Luckily for us, my friend had pre-made about eight batches of cookie dough and three enormous batches of royal frosting. She also supplied tons of cookie sheets, counter space, sprinkles, a huge assortment of snacks and her floor on which we could drop as many crumbs as necessary without being reprimanded.

We ended up spending about five hours making the cookies! It was a blast! I went home conjuring up images of how I could make cookie bouquets for birthdays and special occasions. Of course, it might not be quite as fun when I have to prepare all the dough and frosting myself. Or when I’m not surrounded by friends to inspire creativity.

But I do plan to try it again soon. Cookies, anyone?

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