On a deserted island

Last night at my small group, we had to answer an ice breaker question: “If you were stranded on a deserted island, what is the one thing you would take with you?” The answer couldn’t be a Bible or another person.
I thought the question was kind of silly at first. My brain was really NOT wanting to expend too much energy coming up with an answer.
But I was amazed at how the answers gave a little insight into each person in the group.
First, we had the “comfort” people. One woman said she would bring a warm blanket. Another said she wanted a really large supply of toilet paper.
Most of the men fell into the “practical” camp. A Leatherman. Matches.
Then, a few of the women were what I would call “relational”. A photo of the family. Her two dogs.
Wow! Those were some good answers!
Of course, we had those trying to sneak in an iPod, a laptop and a cellphone. Let’s face it. The island does NOT have WiFi or a power generator. So, after about two hours, they will have a really nice electrical coaster for their coconuts drinks. Should I call them the “idealists”?
I didn’t have a chance to answer the question last night before we moved on. But I had decided I wanted to bring a really large pad of paper and some pens. If I’m stranded on a desert island, I would definitely have some stories to tell. I would need to jot down lots of thoughts and ideas. And I can’t function without my lists: 1. Get up. 2. Walk to stream. 3. Find coconut. 4. Go fishing.
I also could use the paper and pen to doodle. I love to doodle. I might starve to death with no fire. Or freeze to death without my blanket. But at least I could doodle.
So how about you? What would you want on a deserted island?

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  1. I thought of my answer before I read your blog. After reading Hatchet, I decided to bring a large piece of flint shaped like a knife, sword, or something sharp. Maybe it would break, but at least I'd have fire.Mike said "aircraft carrier".I like the solar powered satellite phone!

  2. Becky, you're so right! I think someone DID try to sneak in a sat phone… that was after we debated whether the island really did have wifi and a power generator. I mean, they said it was "deserted"… doesn't that sort of imply someone lived there BEFORE??Angie… wow! I'm impressed that you had actually thought this one through! Nice!

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