Can I get a nice warm drink with that?

After opening that can of worms about the Ugg boots vs. the Keurig, I decided I should write an entire blog post about my love for warm beverages. I know, I know… two deep thought-provoking posts in two days is a bit much, but I’m going out on a limb.
But first, I have to say that after writing that post, I was compelled to do a bit more research on the Ugg. As I said before, my friend who wants the Uggs does have incredibly good taste in clothing, and after receiving a few comments from staunch supporters over on Facebook, I knew I didn’t fully understand the positive qualities of the Ugg.
I have to admit, this would be a cute way to approach the winter snow.

And this even looks a bit like a cowboy boot. The brown suede would look sweet with my Chief Illiniwek outfit.

It’s that whole knitted sweater on the foot look that gets to me.

And of course the $200 price tag. I’m sorry, but even at 50 percent off, that is an expensive pair of boots.
OK… so enough about boots. What about that Keurig?
I don’t like cold weather, which is not a good quality to possess when you live in the midwest. Sweaters and cute boots aren’t enough to keep me going, so I also have to stay motivated with soup and lots and lots of warm drinks.
I have my Keurig programmed to turn on at 6:20 and I’m ready to start my day with a nice warm drink brewed to perfection.
I love my selection of K-cups.

But this is actually my drink of choice. Hot tea.

Last week, the weather took a turn for the colder after some amazing fall days in October. I decided I better buy some hot chocolate because our small group was coming over that night.
The boxes of hot chocolate were on sale for $.81. That’s right. EIGHTY-ONE CENTS.

This was a great excuse to grab a few of the regular milk chocolate, plus the ones with mini marshmallows. And then the dark chocolate sensation. Oh, and the caramel chocolate. And a box of the mint chocolate.
And what is hot chocolate without a big squirt of whipped cream on top?
My husband was skeptical about how many people would go for the cocoa. We heard many comments of, “Well, I don’t usually drink hot chocolate, but I see you have whipped cream.” Everyone grabbed a packet and we all enjoyed our comfort drink on a 30-degree evening. Mmmmm. That makes a cold evening worth it. Well, it helps anyway.
Oh, and do you want to guess which was most popular?
  • milk chocolate?
  • milk chocolate with mini marshmallows?
  • dark chocolate sensation?
  • caramel chocolate?
  • or mint chocolate?
Go ahead… Leave me your guess!

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  1. I'm going to guess the good old fashioned hot chocolate–plain. I've had mint, white chocolate, and dark chocolate out before in different groups and everyone seems to go for the predictable swiss miss. It's safe. Interested to hear what the winner was. And PLEASE stop setting the bar so high on the small group drinks! I can't keep up! :)Michele

  2. Any kind of hot chocolate shared with friends is good… I have enjoyed coffee from a Keurig in a meeting one time (once I saw your selection of coffees, I remembered!)And the whole UGG thing, I have only seen the sweater type ones & don't find those very attractive but have heard how totally comfy they are. The others that you showed are very cute! Expensive but cute!Laurel

  3. I almost forgot to report back on this one! Mint chocolate was the winner! I was so surprised! I'm not a big fan of the combination of mint and chocolate, but that was the favorite.Michele, sorry about all of the hot drinks… I'm over-compensating for the fact that we are more cramped at my house! :)BTW… this is totally a different topic, but did you know that instead of clicking "Anonymous" below, you can click Name/URL and it will let you leave your first name instead of "Anonymous"? 🙂

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