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I don’t get out much. My idea of “me time” these days is sitting in the dentist’s chair being lulled into a mindless state by the steady hum of the drill.
My idea of a quality meal is when I add a side dish of a flavored rice packet to the chicken and mushroom soup mixture in the crock pot.
And a quality conversation usually involves topics like, “What would you like to be when you grow up?”
So, I have to say that going out to dinner with my husband’s boss last night was a rare treat. I had to focus all of my brain power to keep up with the conversation on politics, sports and all of the famous people he somehow knows.
And my stomach still hasn’t quite regained full functioning ability after the shock of the culinary extravaganza that was put before us. So, yes. To prove just how uncultured I have become, I will now write a blog post about what I ate for dinner. I hope you will be just a tiny bit impressed. (If you aren’t, I will have to pull from my long-lost brain cells some forgotten fact about all of the governors of Illinois and how many have been imprisoned, as I did last night.)
I have to say this combination of food at The Gage would have to go in my Top 10 list of the most unusual meals I have ever consumed.
House Poutine: Elk Ragout, Curd Cheese, Chips
Gage N-17 “Fondue”: Butter Kaase, Spinach, Toast
Braised Swan Creek Goat: Ricotta Gnocchi, Fall Vegetables
Smoke Haddock Brandade: Grilled Miche
Three Rivers Greens: Dried Cherries, Pistachio, Blue Cheese, Sweet Sherry Vinaigrette
(I went with the house special. I was on the fence until my husband’s boss declared, “When in Rome…” And since it was more expensive than the 16 oz. steak, I decided it MUST be worth trying.)
Roasted Saddle of Elk: Rutabaga, Aged Goat Cheese, Juniper-Cherry Reduction
Organic Greens and Duck
Roasted Woodland Mushrooms
Brussels Sprouts, Brie, Applewood Bacon
Baked Chocolate Parfait: Whipped Pumpkin, Fried Chocolate Truffle, Cocoa Nibs
And now, to somehow speed up the digestion process so I can go out to my staff Christmas lunch in an hour. (I need a nap.)

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  1. ditto to Kelly. I would have felt very small town when presented that menu and asked for a cheeseburger. (not really) but there have been times when around the more worldly crowd I have felt very out of place and maybe a little inferior. Always to be surprised by how respectful they end up being to my chosen lifestyle of stay at home mom. Enjoy your lunch, hopefully it will have fewer reductions and a few more deep frieds 😉

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