Captain’s Log

Stardate: 122710
It is eerily quiet here. Half of the members of the ship have now been overtaken by “the illness.” The three that are down have been in a near comatose state for the past four hours. (The baby is taking a nap.)
For the two of us that remain, we can’t decide which fear is worse: To get the illness or to be the last one standing.
We are afraid to eat or drink. We have seen the violent ramifications of that activity on the other members of the crew.
We have lost nearly all contact with the outside world. The Comcast has gone down. This took out the phone, both desktop computers, the laptop, the iTouch. Even the iPad has failed.
Only the iPhone remains.
We ask that you don’t come near. The illness spreads quickly, and no one is immune. For your own safety, forget about us. Stay away. Stay….



  1. I decided not to eat dinner that fateful night. And I was grateful. Less to puke. 🙂 Sorry you have been attacked so violently. It is awful…but probably good to get it all at once instead of strung out over two weeks here.

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