How do I love my iPad? Let me count the ways.

When I first heard about the iPad, I think I agreed with most of the world that it was probably one more gadget that I really didn’t need.

But as I started hearing more about it, I became convinced that I would find ways to put it to good use if I had one. My husband had the same thought. He totally surprised me on Christmas Day with a rectangular box under the tree. Best. Gift. Ever.

People have been asking me if I really use it and what I use it for. Let me count the ways.

1. E-mail, Internet and Facebook. That goes without saying. I’ve heard a lot of people complain about the keyboard. It is definitely much easier to use than the iPhone. I can almost fit my fingers on the home keys and type like normal.

2. To do list. I use Toodledo, which was a download for $1.99. I LOVE this app. It allows me to create my to-do lists, organize them by category, give them a priority and due date, set up repeating chores and even set reminders.

3. Movies. I love watching movies while I walk on the treadmill or while I lay in bed, comfy and toasty warm under my electric blanket. I stream the movies through Netflix instant streaming.

4. Music. I love having my music library on the iPad. It’s louder than the iPhone and can be transported around the house just as easily.

5. YouTube. I created a favorites list of music in YouTube and can watch and listen to my favorite songs.

6. Photo album. It’s a beautiful, easy-to-carry photo album on the go.

7. Calendar. All of my calendars are now synched through MobileMe so I’m always up to date on my desktop and mobile devices.

8. The Bible. I downloaded the free ESV interactive Bible. It’s lightweight and easy to find chapter and verse.

9. iBooks. Tons of books are available for free or for purchase and can be housed on my virtual book shelf. The iPad is compatible with Nook and Kindle.

10. Overdrive. This is the free app you need to download ebooks from the library.

11. Cookbook. I use the free AllRecipes application. The MacGourmet app also works on iPad, but it is only available as an iPhone app.

12. Globe. The kids and I use the free globe application when we don’t feel like getting down the real globe for school.

13. Our school jingles. We listen to our geography songs and grammar jingles where ever we are in the house instead of gathering around the computer or CD player.

14. Board games. Our favorite is the Blokus app, which was 99 cents.

15. Pages. I downloaded the Pages app, which was $9.99. I have only played with it so far. However, I am planning to use it to edit documents for my job. We create most of our documents in Pages, so I thought this would be useful to take to staff meetings and add notes on the spot.



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