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Back to co-op and more skating


We have all been getting excited about starting back to our home-school co-op this week. For the first time, I am teaching two classes, so I had lots of preparing to do.

We also were excited because our co-op moved to a new location, and we wanted to see what it would be like.

Jayda was happy to have a toddler room all decked out in toys just her size. The first period of the day was my “free” period, so she and I hung out in there. She loved snuggling with the big puppy and looking at books.

Second period, I taught a class called, “It’s All in the Rhythm.” I will be teaching the kids hand-clapping games, like “Miss Mary Mack,” and jump-roping rhymes. I have three boys and four girls in the class, which makes it a lot of fun. In fact, we were having SO much fun, that I completely forgot to take a photo! Both Matthew and Alayna are in my class, while Andrew takes a class called, “Meet the Composers.”

After that is lunch. Oh, wait! It looks like we added another brother to our family!

Third period, I teach a class called, “Iditarod: Race Across Alaska.” We are studying history, geography and science as we learn about the Iditarod race, which takes place in March. I only have four boys in the class, but we are very excited to learn about this amazing race that pits dog-sled teams against each other, as well as against the harsh conditions of Alaska.

Andrew and Matthew are both in the class, along with their two good friends, brothers Sumner and Jonah. Alayna takes a drama class third period.

Around dinnertime, some good friends stopped by for a family skate on our backyard rink. The kids have been dying to have some adults get out there and skate. They especially love to skate at night when we turn on the “light” (yes… I just mean the outdoor patio light!), and we play our own music. I’ve been fighting a cold and it was about five below zero, so I had to sit out on the skating and snap photos.

We had a busy Friday, but tons of fun!

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