As part of our science curriculum this year, we are growing vegetables. Honestly, I have been dreading this part of our studies since we got the science kit in the mail back in August.

I wasn’t looking forward to trying to create a greenhouse for a bunch of radish plants in the middle of winter. My anxiety grew when TWO of my home-schooling friends told me the project was a ton of effort and had ZERO results.

So, last week, I handed my husband the science book and the box full of supplies and told him I was too overwhelmed to do the science experiment. It would have to be up to him. I also told him that one of my friends had just tossed hers in the garbage.

“Should I take that as a challenge?” he asked.

A few days later I noticed the orange juice carton lying on its side with a piece of tape holding the top closed. The kids ran to look inside and started screaming.

“The radish seeds are sprouting!”

I couldn’t believe it!

Our seeds really did sprout… To be continued…

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