Sled dogs


I mentioned before that I am teaching a class at our co-op on the Iditarod race across Alaska. Just by chance, there was a demonstration at the arboretum this weekend on dog-sled racing and the Iditarod.

We got together with another family that is in the class. Their two boys and our boys are great friends, so it was fun to go see the huskies in real life.

I’m not much of a dog lover, but these dogs were beautiful. They were also extremely gentle and playful.  They didn’t mind to have kids all around them, hugging them and posing for photos.

They put on a demonstration where they hooked up the dog teams and we could watch them run in a big circle. I thought it was cool that some people ski while being pulled by dogs.

Here I am with my class of four boys — two sets of brothers! These guys are so much fun!

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