In case you were worried I spend too much time on house work

The kids came home from a playdate this afternoon and as soon as they walked in the front door, the 10-year-old started discussing the messy condition of our home.

“I think I know how the “X” family keeps their house so clean,” he said, in a tone that suggested he had just solved a great mystery.

“We were playing downstairs, and I happened to look up the stairs for a moment,” he continued.

For a second, I thought for sure he was going to reveal our friends had hired a cleaning service. Could it be?

“I noticed that Mrs. X was moving around upstairs, and she seemed to be… you know…” he said, “cleaning up.”

A-HA! By golly, that’s it!

The secret has been revealed! Now, I understand! So, it seems that the way OTHER people keep their houses clean is that the MOM actually spends her spare time CLEANING!

If only I had thought of this sooner!


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  1. Thank you for your investigative reporting. I am so glad to read your blog and find out all kinds of helpful news to me. Thanks to your son for his observations…and sharing them! Just don't ask him if my house was "clean" last week. I still claim there was no syrup on the table or chairs, though.

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