Funniest. Thing. Ever.

I couldn’t fall asleep last night because I was laughing so hard. Then I woke up in the middle of the night giggling.

This video a friend made is so. stinking. funny.

It’s funny on its own. It’s funnier if you know a little bit of the background, so here goes.

A guy on our Creative Team at church made the video. The video is a reminder to Jeremiah, the worship director at our church. Jeremiah is an incredibly talented musician, but he sometimes forgets stuff.

There’s another guy named J who is a talented videographer. On the day of the blizzard, J spent the entire day making a documentary about how to get unstuck if your car gets stuck. Like J, the docudrama was totally sarcastic and had lots of “Step One,” “Step Two,” “Step Three” frames. I don’t think J has installed a toilet in his real car, but it doesn’t sound like a bad idea when you really think about it.

Then there’s B, the maker of the video. We call him “utility knife” because he can figure out a way to do anything. Like make a life-size Lego guy for a set prop and then secretly make his head rotate so that in the middle of the sermon, Lego guy starts moving his head around.

I was honored to get a cameo in the video. One day when I was doing announcements, my mic didn’t work. Jeremiah had to press a button on the box, which was attached to the back of my pants. Then he had to press the button again. I tried not to move. I can’t believe I really was sticking my butt out that far.

It’s possible that Jeremiah would get distracted by pizza or his guitar when he’s supposed to remember something. But, let’s face it. It would be hard not to stop for love. Or shiny lights.



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