My day

I love birthdays! I love celebrating friends. I love parties. I love surprising my kids with special gifts. And, yes, I even love my own birthday!

I have definitely made an impression on my family with my belief that birthdays should be special days. They all went out of their way to shower me with love and kindly cooperate with all of the things I wanted to do on my day yesterday.

My husband had to head to the office at a very early hour, but somehow he managed to get to Dunkin’ Donuts and back first. The kids had decorated the house with drawings of Angry Birds wishing me a happy birthday. (We HAVE to have a theme, you know!)

And check out a few of my wonderful gifts… A hand-made purse, created with duct tape and yarn… It says, “Rock out, girl!” and “My mom rocks!”

And money straight from the piggy bank!

We cancelled school and headed out for a place that was warm and sunny. I was totally blessed by the bright sunshine and warmer temps in the middle of a week of rain and cold. I have been wanting to go back to this horticultural center, but the kids don’t love it as much as I do.

It’s the same place where we took the Christmas photos at the top of my blog. But when we walked in this time, I was overwhelmed by the sights and smells of beautiful spring flowers. Ahhh… This is my happy place.

The kids all let me take their photos…

All except one. She was too busy running!

I did get her to sit down for a minute beside me. But all of the other group photos involved her struggling to get away!

A dear friend offered to watch all four of the kids for the afternoon while I enjoyed doing whatever I wanted to do. I didn’t have to think long. I embarked on my favorite activity: SHOPPING! And mixed in a few of my favorite foods: Andy’s Custard and Panera Bread. YUM!

I was smiling all day long with the gazillions of Facebook notifications from so many friends wishing me a happy day. Even if you don’t like Facebook every other day of the year, you have to love it on your birthday! How fun to hear from friends near and far!

We finished off the day with a nice evening out. It was great to sit and relax at dinner with my wonderful husband. (And yes… my toes FROZE him my spring sandals. I’m trying to stay committed to spring fashion, but it’s getting a little ridiculous when the temps drop to 30 degrees every evening!)

I’m sure I’ve said this many other times, but it was my BEST. BIRTHDAY. EVER!


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