Comfort AND fashion? Really?

I think you all know by now how I feel about comfort and fashion.

I am perfectly fine with the fact that sometimes fashion hurts. It is not easy to be stylish. It takes work. Commitment. Dedication. And often, sore toes.

I have no problem admitting that when a fashion item describes itself as “comfortable,” I usually run the other direction. This mostly happens with shoes. You know the ones. (I was going to name names, but then I remembered what happened when I brought up the U-G-Gs. So, don’t worry S-A-S, you are safe. THIS TIME.)

I have accepted the fact that fashionable footwear can even be dangerous. It’s worth it to me to walk perilously on icy sidewalks in high heels. I have been known to trip over sidewalk cracks in my platform flip flops. And yes, my toes have been frozen for a good month straight now because of my determination to wear open-toed shoes in this so-called spring weather.

So, that is why I think it is not only blog-worthy, but somewhat earth-shattering news to report the following: I BOUGHT A PAIR OF COMFORTABLE SHOES. And. They are cute. (I hope.)

I found this experience so strange and out of the ordinary that I stood staring in the mirror at the shoe store for about 20 minutes, trying to be sure that the shoe on my foot really was stylish. Could it be? I could feel the padded comfort under my foot. And yet, as far as I could tell, the toe sticking out from under my jeans really. was. cute.

My suspicion was confirmed when another shoe shopper stopped in her tracks, looked at my feet and said, “Those are cute!” Then she added with a puzzled tone, “Are they comfortable?”

And for pretty much the first time in my life, I answered, “Yes! They are!”

(I later spied the same woman putting down a box of white pumps and checking out the same shoes I was trying on. I wanted to ask her to be my best friend, but, wisely, I resisted the urge.)

OK… So, please tell me if you think these shoes are not totally cute? (Or, have I officially hit middle age and I have lost all fashion sense?)

But I actually did not get the blue suede, even though that was my favorite.

Or the pewter… even though those are cool.
Instead, I was much in need of some type of shoe to wear in what is becoming a dreadfully long season between the two main seasons of the year: “Boots” and “Flip flops.” So, I went with the clog. And can I tell you that my toes are so warm I can barely stand it?

I’m still in amazement. And I will confess that when I wake up in the morning, feeling groggy and dreading the start of the day, I think about putting on my comfy shoes, and I jump out of bed.

How about you? Do you have a favorite fashion item that is both comfy AND cute? Please share.



  1. Ummm… Well… I failed to admit I bought them in brown AND black. 😉 buy one, get one half price at shoe carnival… Kohl's carries them, too, but each store had different styles in stock.

  2. Yay- that worked! Should have tried this before…I love the shoes! Finally something cute & comfortable! I think you need to take me shoe shopping.

  3. Oh, Kelly… You have QUITE the impressive shoe collection already! In fact, I was thinking you might have some very similar shoes. Do you?But, of course, if you want to go shoe shopping, I could probably be persuaded. 🙂

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