The journey

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Thank you for all of the comments on Facebook, the comments here and the private e-mails. I have been surprised as I look at my stats to see how many people are reading this. It actually gave me a little bit of a panic attack last night. I have written the rest, but I needed to think about it before I post it.
I’ve been told I’m driving people crazy with the cliffhangers. I didn’t think about it beforehand. I just started to write, and it was a convenient way to divide the whole thing into bite-sized chunks. At the same time, I guess the way I am telling the story is a little like the story itself. 
It would be very simple for me to just tell you in one sentence what we are doing for the fall. That might be all you want to know, and that’s OK if it is.
What I’m writing isn’t just about the answer to that question. I’m writing about the journey. I’m writing about how I got to a point where I’m OK with things. 

I realize that a lot of people can’t relate to this journey. But there are others who are ON this journey, and that is why I decided to write about it. It’s taking me a lot of time, but it’s also a little therapeutic for me. I have a feeling I will need to look back at this and read it myself again another day.

I had to pause here because I’m wrestling with my insecurity. I am afraid of what people will say or what they will think. I’m worried people will say I analyze things too much. I think about things too much. I make things too difficult.

…. because the ending is much simpler than the journey.

… and I will post that soon.


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  1. I can imagine how therapeutic this must be! There will be no judging here… Personally I think you do a great job of trying to look at everything before making a decision. You are thorough. There is nothing wrong with that. I must say that I love the new header!

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