Is there any such thing as too many boots?

This is the time of year that I start wearing my snow boots and winter coat inside the house, all day long.  I get so cold every day when we are trying to do our school work. I turn up the heat, I drink hot drinks, but nothing seems to help. My feet are still cold!

I have tried every combination of thick socks and house slippers, but nothing seems to work. My feet still get freezing cold unless I have that nice thick rubber sole separating me from the cold floor. I try my best to survive, sliding around in three layers of socks. But finally, I give in and put on my winter boots.

I know this is horrible. Even though I make sure my boots are CLEAN, I’m still concerned all day long that I’m spreading boot germs all over the carpet and the hardwood floor. But the alternative is even worse. When mama is cold, everyone feels the chill!

So, I’m hoping I’ve found the key to save me from six months of freezing feet and to save my house from being trampled. Here is is. The indoor house shoe boot:

This thing could save my life. Not only does it look very warm. It’s cute! I think it’s going to look awesome with my “home schooling outfits.” Only a slightly crazy home school/work-at-home mom would worry about finding a house shoe that will go with her jeggings, but I think this one is perfect. =]

I’ve already sent my husband the link to the Old Navy web site where I found these and begged for them for our anniversary, which is this week. I would secretly like them in every color combination.

And while we are on this very important topic, can I just say this:

I really thought there was no possibility I could need a new pair of boots this winter… But they come in black, too.




  1. I am the same re: freezing inside! I about died the 5 years we lived up north – I always had on my Emu (like Ugg) boots in the house, and NEVER took off my coat at church or in restaurants. Too cold!!! It's chilly here now, (even though it got up to 70 this afternoon, it was 29 this morning! WHAT?!?! Our first freeze!) and with our heat not on yet? Guess who's sitting here in my boots!!!

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