Last Friday co-op

Today was our last Friday co-op of the year. Fridays have really become the highlight of our week this year, thanks to a great co-op, fun classes and awesome friends! It’s hard to believe that our Friday classes have really come to an end.

The boys start the morning with a PE class. Since it was the last day, the parents were invited to join the class for family dodge ball. Last semester, I got a little overly competitive and ended up with sore arms! This time, I decided to shoot some photos to curb my competitive spirit.

The boys have loved their PE class. They got to play lots of sports, like basketball, floor hockey and badminton.

Alayna is free the first half of the class and then she goes to her piano lesson. She is really a natural at piano. I don’t ever have to ask her to practice. She loves to play and learns quickly.

At 10 a.m., the boys go to their woodcarving class. They have made some really cool projects. I think their favorite part about the class is that their teacher lets them chat with their friends while they work on their carvings.

Alayna goes to karate during the second hour. She loves her karate teacher and all of her friends who are in the class with her.

Next, Matthew goes to his guitar lesson, and Andrew has a free period. Alayna takes American Girl book club. The girls have read through all of the books of Kirsten, one of the American Girl dolls. They discuss the books and make crafts related to what they read for the week.

Jayda hangs out upstairs with mommy in the cafe. I have loved my Friday mornings because I am able to catch up with some good friends during our time we jokingly call “group therapy.” Usually, five or six different moms stop by to chat on Friday mornings.

Today, Jayda met two new 2-year-olds and actually had playmates! I can’t believe that she waited until the very last week to make her new friends.

We are definitely going to miss our Friday mornings at co-op. It has been a great part of this school year!

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