My Once Upon a Time predictions

Once Upon a Time, there was a woman who loved the TV show “Lost”. When the show ended, she was very sad and stopped watching TV.

But a few months ago, she was in desperate need of some mindless entertainment. She remembered that the writers of “Lost” were supposed to be working on a new series. That’s when she found “Once Upon a Time.”

Now, she is very happy again. She gets to contemplate the mysteries of the show. She gets to ponder the relationships between the characters in storybook land. And once again, she gets to make predictions on her blog about what will happen next!


So… here we go!

I am anxiously awaiting the season finale of the first season of OUaT, and for the record, here is what I think is going on.

First, the preview for next week shows that Henry’s heart is going to stop. Sunday night’s episode also showed that when Snow ate the apple, she no longer had breath. So, I’m thinking that even if he dies, he won’t be completely dead. Of course, Regina is the only person who understands the curse of the apple, so she is either going to have to reveal her knowledge, or once again, lose the one thing in life that she truly loves.

I think Henry will stay in his comatose state for most of next season. I think Emma is going to have to start working things out without his help. While he is sleeping, I think the writers will take the opportunity to bring out more of the back story.

It seems fairly obvious that Emma will now become a believer in the story and the fact she is the savior. Next week’s trailer showed her picking up the book and being overcome by some type of force. So, I’m thinking that once she believes she will be able to see and understand things she couldn’t before.

I think she will spend next season trying to get the other storybook characters to believe, as well.

Regina said the curse is weakening. She could tell because the apples on her tree were starting to spoil. I think Regina also is gaining a conscience — another sign the curse is weakening — and she is losing her strength. She is having nightmares now about the other storybook characters.

What else does it mean that the curse is weakening? I think it means that the other characters will be able to come out of their slumber, remember their past and figure out how to defeat her.

We learned on Sunday that for some reason, Mr. Gold wants the curse to end. This is very interesting since we also learned last week that Mr. Gold was the true mastermind behind the curse. I think his change of heart has something to do with his interaction with August a few weeks ago in “The Return.” Perhaps he has accepted the fact he will not find his long-lost son, Baelfire, in this world, and he wants to go back to his old life. (Or maybe he realized he’s too much of a coward to find Baelfire.)

We learned a few key pieces of info the past few weeks. We now know that three people were transported to our world before the curse began: Emma, August (Pinnochio) and Baelfire. Could there have been others?

We know that it’s possible to reach back into fairytale land. Regina used a portal to grab one of her poisonous apples. That land is still there! There is still a little bit of magic left. Will they find enough magic to bring Henry back to life? Or will Regina find a way to go back to fairytale land to find a way to help him?

We also found out that if Emma is killed, the curse will be broken. Regina can’t let that happen. Or perhaps she will now want that to happen to save Henry?

One of the big questions still out there is: “Who is Henry’s father?” I’m guessing it is Baelfire. This is mostly just a guess, but Emma did say that Henry’s father was a “fire man.” I think Baelfire is going to play a big role in all of this.

I’m hoping the writers will start giving us more details about Henry’s birth and adoption by Regina. Mr. Gold organized the adoption, so he must have had his eye on Emma and made sure Regina ended up with Emma’s son.

I’m wondering if the showdown between Emma and Regina will be an actual physical battle or if it will be more of a battle against the curse. I’m thinking that as Emma gets more people to believe in the fairy tales, the curse will grow weaker.

So… I have three questions for you:
1. Do you watch Once Upon a Time?
2. What do you think about my ideas?
3. Do you have any theories about what will happen next week? The curse? Baelfire? Will Henry stay dead? Or anything else?

I would love to hear your theories!!


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