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I can’t even tell you how many times I have sat down at my computer to write a blog post to follow that last one. I didn’t mean to leave you hanging for so long. And now my list of draft posts is getting way too long.

Often it is somewhat therapeutic to unpack my thoughts here on my blog. This time, it seems I’m carrying around some pretty heavy boxes that are jammed to the point I don’t even know where to begin. I start writing and realize it will take me 10 posts to finish.

And that is just too much information. Let’s face it. No one wants to read my epic history of home schooling successes and failures.

I’ve also realized that even though I like change, I don’t like transitions. Starting something new is no problem. It’s ending something that’s hard.

So, here’s the big reveal, plain and simple.

We’re applying to send all three of the big kids to a private, Christian school in the area. We are still going through the process of having the kids tested and an interview, so we are “in process.” We got to this point for lots of reasons. And we chose this school for lots of reasons. All of those reasons would have been revealed if I had posted the other 10 posts in my draft box. haha! 🙂

As most people know, during the last two years I have been working part-time, along with home schooling. This year, we decided that it was too much. I needed to give up one of those two things. So, from a financial perspective, the result would be the same whether I gave up my job to focus on home schooling or whether I quit home schooling and we sent the kids to private school. (Yes, we did consider sending some or all of the kids to public school, but again, it’s just too much info.)

We had visited this school several years ago and ruled it out for a few reasons. When we went back this time, we had a very positive experience. The kids all spent a day in the classroom, and they loved it. Prior to that day, all three of them had begged me to continue to home school them. After that day, our entire family agreed that this would be a good next step for us. The kids are very excited!

Looking at the bigger picture with high school just THREE years away, we also felt this would be a good transition for the future. We know it won’t be perfect. But the great thing is that we aren’t looking for perfection. We’ve realized that we can learn a lot living with imperfect people, in imperfect situations with imperfect challenges. (Or maybe it would be perfect challenges?)

It’s hard to avoid comparing yourself with other families and the decisions they make. When the kids in a family are so different and have such different needs, it’s hard to even make a good decision for all the people in one family.

As parents, we all are responsible for the education of our children. For the last three years, I have taken a very hands-on approach to that responsibility by being the person who is actually educating my kids. My husband and I are still taking that responsibility very seriously, we are just doing it in a different way. We know that every option has its strengths and weaknesses. We will lose some of the strengths of home schooling, and we will gain some of the positives of being in a formal school environment. We know that, and we’re at a point that we’re good with it.

So there you have it! If you want to know more, feel free to ask! But I will warn you. My answer might be a long one. 🙂



  1. " it's hard to even make a good decision for all the people in one family. "That is SOOOooooo true and I'd even add that it's hard to make good decisions for even one kid in the family as that kid changes over time.We can't be so wedded to a philosophical position (pro or anti homeschooling) that we pursue it to the detriment to our own actual child's well being or best interests–as far as we can discern that.Your post is a good reminder and encouragement to me in that regard. With five kids at very different stages, I could easily go on for far more than 10 blog posts on the successes/challenges of determining the best choice for each of them!Blessings, Holly

  2. Thanks, Holly. Your comment is so true. I often have to ask myself if I am basing my decision on what's best for me or what's best for my child. And then, of course, it all has to fit into what's best for our family. It's not easy, that's for sure!

  3. I know I don't know all of your personal ins & outs, but I do believe God preps & equips us for the different seasons of our lives. Perhaps you had a questionable experience several years ago at that same school, b/c God wanted to confirm He needed you to homeschool for a bit. Now having a good experience there seems – to this outsider – to be a sweet confirmation that it's the correct next step!

  4. Thanks for your encouragement, Sues. I know you are right! I look back at that past experience and wonder, "what was THAT for?" But I also see all of the blessing, personal growth and family bonding that has happened over the last three years, and I know it was all for a good reason. 🙂

  5. Proud of you! Everything you wrote is so very true. Holly- your words about making the right decision for one kid when they change overtime is so true as well. We will be praying for the Neal family in this time of transition. I just know God has big plans in store for you.

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