Take your kids to work day

For the past few weeks, we have been looking forward to Friday. It was Take Your Kids to Work Day at my husband’s company. When we got the agenda for the day, the excitement started brewing. I guess I should mention that my husband works at a company that makes toys!
They had set up five different workshops for the kids, focusing on different aspect of product marketing, development and testing. We got to start with CapableDad’s presentation on toy safety. He took us to his toy torturing lab to show us what he does. Each toy has to survive being stomped on, pulled, thrown, having its hair pulled, and even placed in the heating and cooling chamber!

This is your eye! If a toy can make a hole in the aluminum foil, it fails the test.

Can you twist the toy in two?

Will Pikachu survive?

Are this superhero’s hands strong enough to withstand the test? (Poor Barbie already lost hers.)

Poor, Barbie. This takes hair pulling to a hole new level!

She made it! Her hair didn’t come out!

How hard can you pull? This gauge will test if you are as strong as the pulling machine.

One of the other favorite activities of the day was getting to play a live version of Angry Birds. The kids got to launch a wet ball at this poor guy who had to stand still and get hit!

Finally, the kids got to design their own Happy Meal boxes.

Finally, they got to learn about how developers use science to create toys. It was an awesome day!


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