I’m mooooooooving!

I like change. I really do.
I get bored easily. I like new adventures. I love a challenge. I like a freshly-painted room, a new city to explore, the excitement of learning something new.
What I have realized, though, is that I’m not crazy about transition.
I have a hard time saying good-bye to The Old. I worry that even though The New might offer more possibilities, I will miss all the good parts about The Old. Sometimes change can be full of frustration and headaches as I learn to do something a new way.
Those are the things that have been on my mind the past few months as I’ve contemplated moving my blog. I’ve wanted to move my blog to WordPress for a while now, but, believe it or not, it’s hard to think about saying good-bye to the place I’ve called my home on the web for the last five years.
Will people come see me at my new space? Will they like it? Will some of the new, better features make up for a few things that I can’t take with me? I really worry that my old blog will miss me. I feel so bad leaving it all alone.
After much thought, work, messing around and a few counseling sessions, I’m really going to do it. I’m moving my blog.
But before I give you my new blog address, I just want to ease your mind by letting you know about a few of the things that will remain the same on everydaymom:
1. I will continue to publish the same pointless, random and even boring content that you have grown to know and love.
2. My posts will remain sporadic. Sometimes, I might post something every day. Other times, you will have to wait months for a new blog post.
3. I will continue to write many of my blog posts in a southern accent. You can read them in your mind in whatever accent you normally use.
What’s NEW on the new blog?
1. It’s really bright. Hopefully, if you don’t like the new, brighter colors, they will at least distract you from noticing other things you don’t like.
2. It combines my blog with my daily photo blog. Now, it’s easier to find everything in one place.
3. It includes commentLuv. I really luv this feature on other blogs. If you aren’t familiar with it, just leave me a comment, and you’ll see how it works.
4. There’s a bunch of other stuff that I love about moving to WordPress, but I’m sure you’re dying to just get over there and check it out.
Here’s the new address: www.everydaymomlife.com. (Didn’t see that one coming, did ya?) (I still have a few more things to do on the new site, so I’ll keep posting both places for a bit until I get it all done.)
Check it out and then leave me a comment to let me know you stopped by. Even if you’ve never, ever left a comment before, it’s super simple to do with WordPress. (One of the many things I love about the new blog.) You will make me so happy  if you take a second to say hello.
Oh, and PS… What about you? Do you like change? Are you good with starting something new? Leaving the old behind?

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    1. Holly, WordPress is a bit techier than blogger. I like some of the features that aren’t available on blogger. I can give you a tutorial sometime if you want to learn more about it. 🙂

  1. What is this comment luv? I changed over my blog once. Then I spent a very long time copy/pasting old posts into the new blog. I also deleted a blog once. I wish I could get that back somehow but it is long, long gone.

    1. Emily, commentluv just posts a link to the commenters most recent blog post. WordPress allows you to import all of your content from another blog. I was able to import all of my old posts and comments very easily!

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