Raging Waves

One of the really great things that has happened this summer is that one of our kids has conquered some big fears. A few of those fears have to do with going underwater and plummeting from high places. This has released a new love for water slides!
It’s also kind of cool that we’ve connected with some friends who were friends with some other friends who were friends with some other friends. In essence, it’s a small world! Well, two of our friends we had met independently were already friends from other stages in life. They were planning to go to Raging Waves, a big waterpark near us, and invited us along! We had a great day, and we loved being included with this new group of friends.
I took along my camera, but of course, didn’t manage to take ANY photos of the water slides. Oh well, sipping on “brain freezes” was a fun part of the day, too!

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