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It’s kind of funny how the term “status update” has now become a regular part of our vernacular. My husband often texts me with the simple request: “status update?”
I have a lot of friends who say they can’t come up with one Facebook status update in a day. Not me! I have to control myself to keep from posting five or ten. I guess I just have way too many words roaming around in my brain. Today is one of those days.
Here are some of my status updates on this hot Saturday in July:
1. We are getting ready to send our three big kids off to summer camp next week! The boys will be gone for a week, and the seven-year-old will go for the last three days of the week. I’m a mix of excited, nervous, scared and ready! I’ve been spending the day making sure they all have everything they might possibly need for a week without Mom. They all needed new PJs that were suitable for wearing “in public,” rain ponchos, sandals and quite a few other things.
2. One of the big things I still need to do today is put together “care packages” for them to open while they are at camp. As a novice camper mom, I hope I will send the right things and the right amount! I don’t want them to feel like the other campers got better care packages! Oh, the pressure!!
3. A few weeks ago, we decided we REALLY needed to go on some type of vacation before this summer comes to an end. My idea of a vacation is usually to stay in a really nice house or cabin surrounded by lots of outdoor activities. A hot tub is pretty much essential to my definition of vacation. We are trying to spend as little money as possible this year AND we wanted to go north instead of going south, which is what we usually do. So, we booked several nights at a campground in Mackinaw City, but in a cabin. It has a bathroom, but the sleeping arrangement is going to be pretty tight. I’ve been debating whether this qualifies as a “vacation.” (No hot tub, but we DO have our own toilet and shower!)
4. I was almost ready to cancel our reservation, but took another look at the campground today online. I really think it’s going to be a lot of fun. We will be able to ride bikes to the beach, swimming pool and playgrounds, plus see some cool stuff in the area. I’m looking forward to watching the sun set over the lake and cooking s’mores over a campfire. It will definitely be a different experience, but hopefully, we’ll love it!
5. I’ve decided to try my hand at crock-pot freezer cooking. I’ve been checking out lots of recipes on Pinterest and actually purchased an ebook about it today. I think this might be the perfect type of bulk cooking for me. I have tried bulk cooking in the past, but I really haven’t had great success with preparing and freezing meals that you bake later in the oven. I feel like they never taste as good after being frozen. I really like the sound of crock-pot freezer cooking because you just chop up all of your meats and veggies, put them in a bag and you are ready to dump them in the crockpot for dinner!
6. I got so excited about this idea that I bought a second, smaller crock-pot. Mine is so large that I usually have to cook a large quantity of food to keep it from overcooking.
7. Right now, I’m cooking filling for beef burritos in my large crock pot and “decadent chocolate cake” in the smaller crock pot.
8. Our cabin in Michigan has a small kitchen with only a microwave and mini-fridge. I’m thinking of taking a crockpot along and some freezer meals. Is this a crazy idea? It’s so expensive for our family to eat dinner in a restaurant, and we need to spend as little money as possible on this vacation! I’m not sure if I will be able to get the family to buy in to my crock pot on vacation idea!
9. We got our air conditioner fixed today. It feels great to have cold air in the house again!
10. With the boys leaving tomorrow, I am planning out some fun stuff to do with the girls! For the last three days of the week, it will be just the toddler and me. Who knows! Maybe I can even arrange a toddler playdate!
That’s it! So, how’s your Saturday going? Status update?

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  1. I need a 2nd smaller crockpot for that exact #6 reason, and I wondered if I was being frivilous considering it; but I’m taking your purchase as personal validation! 😀

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