Back to camp

Finally, it was the day Alayna had been waiting for! It was HER turn to go to camp! She has been counting down the days to Camp Start, which is a three-day camp for second and third graders. She had absolutely no hesitation about going and being away from home.
We had to leave our house around 5:30 a.m. to make it in time for the 8:30 check-in. I couldn’t wait to get there to also see the boys for a few minutes. When we walked up, they were finishing their breakfast. I probably asked them 20 questions in just a few minutes.
The first thing I noticed when I walked up was that Matthew was wearing a really bright striped robe of some sort. He told me it was a special prize the boys won for having the cleanest cabin! In fact, they had won the cleanest cabin aware two out of three days! I could only hope to see some of this new skill applied once they got back home!
Their counselor assured me that not only were they having a great time, but all of the boys had been really well behaved. It was great to get some news from them!
Alayna scored big time on her cabin at camp. The Camp Start girls got to be in one of the few cabins with air conditioning! It also had a nice “living room” sitting area in the middle and a bathroom right next to the sleeping area. I was excited for her, and it was time for Jayda and I to head home for a few days together.

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