Our Michigan adventure, part 1

I’ve been camping in southern Michigan a few times, but I’ve never ventured to northern Michigan in my life. This would be a completely new adventure.
As we drove along the eastern edge of Lake Michigan, we found ourselves driving along a highway with dense forest on each side. The highway weaved in and out of the forest allowing us to enjoy miles and miles of the bright blue water of Lake Michigan.
As we headed north, the temperature dropped and a fierce wind was building. Finally, we made it to the Mackinac Bridge, which connects the upper peninsula of Michigan to the lower peninsula. It is the longest suspension bridge in the western hemisphere.  (Oh, and did I mention that I HATE bridges?!)

We made it across that crazy bridge that is 200 feet above sea level. I begged Kent to only look straight ahead the entire time he was driving and to go SLOW! The wind was blowing so hard, we really didn’t have a choice.
By the time we checked into the campground, the wind was whipping so hard around Lake Huron that we could barely stand to stay outside. I was wondering WHAT I had gotten us into!
I actually had made the choice to pay a little extra for a cabin right along the lake with a view of the bridge. Now, I was wondering if I had paid extra to have the wind whip so hard at my face that I couldn’t stand to look at the lake. During the next week, I would learn that the weather is one of the mysteries of Michigan. Just as the scenery can suddenly change from a dull highway to a beautiful lake shore within a few miles, the weather can change dramatically in the span of a few hours.
We did withstand the wind long enough to at least see that we were surrounded by some beautiful scenery! Mackinac Island was directly across the lake from us, and we also had an incredible view of Mackinac Bridge.

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