Our Michigan adventure: Dune jumping

After resting up from our trip to the island and having dinner, we decided to go explore some new beaches. We drove to Wilderness State Park, which was about 20 miles away, but had the added benefit that it was on the western side of the state. That meant the sun would set directly across the lake.

The beaches along this shoreline are very sandy and featured nice sand dunes. As with most of the places we explored in Michigan, we were surprised to get to the beach and find we were the only ones there! We had the whole beach to ourselves.

We settled in a spot on the beach with a nice sand dune that felt like a giant sandbox. The bay was full of warm water and, once again, the kids could wade out a long way into the water before it even reached their knees.

We entertained ourselves by running and leaping off the edge of a sand dune into the deep sand pit below. It was a beautiful evening that concluded with a gorgeous sunset. As the sky turned to red, it cast a red light across the lake, lighting up the trees and rocks on the other side.

To view all of our photos, click on the thumbnails below:

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