Pure Michigan

It’s hard to believe that we live so close to Michigan and yet, we have barely spent any time there. So, when we decided to go to Michigan for vacation this year, we figured we should see it all! We drove up the western side of the state and back down on the eastern side. We stayed in Mackinaw City and visited several communities in the northernmost part of the state.
If you want to read more about our vacation and see lots of photos of the gorgeous scenery there, you can read about our daily adventures starting here.
These are a few of the things I loved about our vacation:

A friend told us about the campground where we stayed in Mackinaw City. It turned out to be perfect for us. We could “camp” in a cabin with our own bathroom. The kids loved having the freedom to ride their bikes around the campground for games of “bike hide n seek” or to go to the pool, playgrounds, basketball court and beach.

We loved being able to ride our bikes along a paved path into Mackinaw City. Most of the time, we barely needed to use our car.

Mackinac Island was a gorgeous place for a special bike ride, exploring the beauty of this unique car-free island.

Exploring the beaches of Michigan was always an adventure. The beaches were never crowded. Most seemed almost deserted. We never knew if we would find sand or rocks or a mix of both. Sometimes the water was perfectly clear and cold. Other times, it was warm and shallow and we could wade forever or even ride our bikes in the water.

The sunsets in Michigan are spectacular, and there’s a new, unique show every evening.

If you enjoy photography, you couldn’t ask for better photo ops. It seems there’s something to shoot around every corner, whether it’s a beautiful beach, a waterfall, a lighthouse or a sunset.
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  1. Just read through all of your vacation posts and feel like we were right there with you!! Loved them all! I have never heard of Mackinaw City but it looks beautiful. What a great place to mark the end of summer.

    1. Thanks, Kelly. It was really gorgeous! We had such a nice, peaceful get-away. Of course, the boys kept talking about how much MORE fun it would be if Sumner and Jonah had been there! 🙂

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