Getting organized, one nail polish color at a time

It’s a little ridiculous how excited I am about my closet right now.
About six months ago, I started thinking about how I could organize my nail polish. I realize it’s hard to keep up with such deep thoughts sometimes.
I found an idea on Pinterest to use a spice rack to display nail polish. This seemed like the perfect solution! It would allow me to hang my nail polish high enough that the toddler couldn’t help herself, and I would be able to see all of the colors to make it easier to select my color of choice.
So, I started searching for a spice rack. This was easier said than done.
I went to store after store looking for a spice rack that hangs on the wall. I found all sorts of organization systems for inside the cabinet. But apparently, hanging a spice rack ON the wall is no longer a stylish kitchen solution.
I looked on Pinterest again and found some ideas using a wooden spice rack from IKEA. Luckily, we have an IKEA in town, and yesterday I finally had the time and energy to brave the packed parking lot and massive store to search for a spice rack.
What I found out is that even IKEA no longer sells the spice rack I had seen online. However, they came up with an organization system that I liked even better! It was meant for storing kitchen gadgets, but it works perfectly for my nail polish.

Not only can I see all of my colors in a nice neat row, but each basket is removable, so I can carry it with me to another part of the house. It also fits perfectly above my new scarf storage, which my awesome husband installed for me this weekend, too.
I also found this idea on Pinterest. It’s a curtain rod with simple shower curtain rings to hold the scarves. The scarf storage system cost about $4 and the nail polish rod and baskets cost about $12.

I’m so happy! And my husband is happy that his Labor Day to-do list is almost complete. Now if I could only find a better way to store my purses and necklaces…
I’m curious… Do you have any amazing storage systems in your closet that you love?


  1. Well, I own a total of five bottles of nail polish and two scarves, so I don’t think I’m much help. My organization system is minimalism.

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