The New Me, part 7: Making progress on my office

I made some great progress on my office over the weekend! I spent about four hours on Saturday (LITERALLY!) combing through the IKEA catalog and web site and doing complex mathematical equations to try to figure out what combination of desks and storage solutions would fit into my space. If you have ever tried doing this with ALL of the options available at IKEA, you know it’s not easy!

I could NOT believe that I actually came up with a solution that fit within my space with less than a half of an inch to spare! In case anyone is interested, I went with the Exepdit storage units, the Gallant corner desk and the Alex drawer unit that I can slide out from under the desk.

I also added a few little pops of color to bring some life to the grey.


I still need to take this shower curtain and create window coverings.

This is going to require me to get out the sewing machine, learn how to thread it, and then I will be good to go. I basically just need to sew a few straight lines, and I can handle that!

I also need to get some colorful fabric bins to put in the Expedit units to store some of my stuff. Right now, I just have these storage boxes from IKEA. I’m actually thinking of covering them in colorful paper, but I haven’t decided.

I can’t believe how much calmer and more peaceful it is to go in my office now!

Let’s review the before shots:

And the after:

Ahhh… What a difference, huh?!?

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  1. YES! Such a difference! WOW! Love all of the little touches, and the organization! Wahoo! I have been eying up those cute colorful jars too! <3

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