bloglovin’ or bloghatin’?

I’ve been thinking that I should change the name of my blog to “The Schizophrenic Blogger.”
Sometimes I am a blogging machine. Next thing you know, you don’t hear from me for three months. The more I blog, the more I want to blog. The less I blog, the less I want to blog.
It’s a strange hobby, I will admit. This business of sharing with the entire Internet your inner thoughts. I especially hate that dull thud when I throw something out into the World Wide Web, and it tumbles to the ground, barely making a sound. If you write a blog post in the forest and no one hears, did you really write a blog post?
But it seems to be therapy for me, so I persist. It’s my way of expressing myself. Some people sing. Others paint. Some write poetry. I blog.
When you don’t hear from me for three months, it’s usually out of fear. I want to keep my thoughts locked up tight without worrying what people might think.
Then I’m back. Drawn in by the combination of my love to write, take photos and play with web design. I can do it all in one happy place.
Since I’ve been blogging more lately, I’ve also been reading more blogs. And lately, I’ve been feeling the need to track my favorite blogs in a more organized way. I have been using bloglovin’, and just as the name suggest, I am lovin’ it.
If you aren’t familiar, you can add your favorite blogs to your “feed.” It makes it simple to check one page and see all of your blogs in one place. The web site is so nice and thoughtful, it even sends me an e-mail in the morning with a summary of all of the new posts from my blogging friends.
Right now, my bloglovin’ feed is mainly packed with home organization blogs, along with those of my real life friends. That’s just the mode I’m in right now. And that leaves me with a few questions for you:
What are your favorite blogs that you read on a regular basis? Do you have any recommendations for my bloglovin’ feed? How do you keep track of your favorite blogs?
By the way, if you do use bloglovin’ would you consider adding me? I promise I won’t make you wait three months for my next post. Or maybe I will. No, I won’t. I will. I won’t. I promise. (No, I don’t.)
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  1. I really only read blogs of people with whom I have a personal connection. I’m not big on home organization or decor (maybe when we buy our next house here in a year or so?), I’m not crazy crafty, I don’t homeschool, I’m not an avid leisure reader, and my fam isn’t big on having huge, sit-down, meals, so I don’t even scour blogs for recipes. I just want to keep up with friends & fam and sweet people who are nice enough to want to keep up with me in real life. 🙂

    1. You’re smart, Sues! I end up getting a million ideas from the blogs I read and then I can’t sleep at night. 🙂 Thanks for being a blogging friend, even though we’ve actually never met!

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