Birthday tradition

Our baby is 4. This child has been such a gift to our family. She amazes me more and more everyday with her sparkling personality and loving nature. She is sweet, cute and cuddly. She loves beauty. She loves her friends. She loves her brothers and sister. Especially her sister. She brings so much joy to everyone in our family.

When the big kids were little, I started a tradition of decorating their doors during the night before their birthday. I would usually cover the doorway in wrapping paper and write a “Happy Birthday” message on the side facing them. When they opened the door, they would have to run through or crawl under the door.

Over the years, it has become expected that each child’s doorway will be decorated when they wake up on birthday morning. However, this was the first year the 4-year-old was old enough to really appreciate her birthday door.

She is absolutely obsessed with My Little Pony, so I decided to go with that theme for a small birthday party I planned for her. I looked for ideas on Pinterest, and loved the idea of using rainbows, as in “Rainbow Dash,” one of the main characters.

So, this year, I decorated not only her door, but pretty much the whole house in rainbows made from balloons and streamers.






It was so cute to see the look of amazement when she walked out of her room and down the stairs to the kitchen. “This is so pretty.”
Her day was filled with My Little Pony surprises. And mama got even crazier the next day for her party!
Do you have any birthday traditions?

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