New colors

It’s hard to believe that we are closing in on the one month mark in your new house. I would love to say that we’ve all just been sitting back and relaxing and enjoying the view 24/7. But in reality, we’ve been working our tails off around here.
Just when we thought we had done all of the painting and plumbing and yardwork we would need to do for a long time to sell our other house, we have had even bigger projects awaiting us here!
Lots of people have asked to see photos of the inside of the house, and I’ve been a little nervous about posting them. The house might look too big, too small, too old, too new, too whatever… Then there’s the fact that I have no decor on the walls and most of my furniture is about 17 years old! But I’ve also been exciting since before we moved here to transform some of the pure white walls with color and make this place feel more like home.
So, if you find stuff like this annoying, please just skip this post! But if you want to see my new paint colors… come on in!
Of course, I was so excited to begin painting that I forgot to take any “before” shots. So, the only before shots I have are from the day we walked through for the home inspection. Is it super weird that I’m posting photos with someone else’s stuff? Yes, it is. But… I guess it’s not toooo strange since these before shots are similar to the ones that appeared on realtor sites on the Internet. And it gives you an idea of how we had to use our imagination to picture our own stuff in the house!
Here’s the living room… the pure white walls were glaring at me!
I painted most of the walls a tan color called “Harvest Brown.” The darker accent wall is “Toasted Walnut.”
I love how the stone fireplace pops with the darker wall behind it.
Instead of having a formal living room, the living room and family room are one big space. These big windows are one of our favorite parts of the house.
It’s hard to get a good shot looking into the windows, but the white woodwork around the windows looks so much nicer with the new paint color instead of WHITE!
This is the view into the kitchen… And this photo comes complete with the home inspector! 🙂
I painted the kitchen a color called, “fudge bar.” I actually painted the kitchen a completely different color before starting over and settling on this one. I really love the chocolately color. 🙂
Before, the kitchen had wood trim around the top of the countertop. We took that out…
I have about 5,342 more cabinets now than I did in our old house. 🙂
We removed the cork board over the desk…
And we removed the tiles in the window sill over the sink…
And here’s the view from the kitchen, which we love!
This is where we spend most of our time!
We have a ton of projects we are working on outside… tearing down fences and structures and chopping down trees and pulling weeds…. and we eventually need to stain that deck! Hopefully, I’ll be able to show some of the photos soon. Until then, I have a lot more painting to do! I just picked out my colors for the master bedroom.


  1. Oh my goodness! Love everything about this! The colors are perfect and so YOU! I can’t get over how big your kitchen is!! And your fireplace is gorgeous! We would be living outside too with that view. Love seeing the photos since we can’t see it in person!

  2. LOVE everything! Your kitchen view and deck (and furniture) look fabulous! I love the combined living room and family room… brilliant and your colors are (so not surprisingly) gorgeous!

  3. Beautiful home Emily!! Love the colors too! I love how adding color can make a house into a home… such an easy thing to fix!! Happy painting!!

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