This fall is going to be a huge year of transition for our family. Three out of four of our kids will be entering one of those milestone years in the school system. Our oldest son is going to high school. Our oldest daughter is going into junior high. And our youngest is going to kindergarten.
I’m trying very hard to remain calm.
We know for sure that the two boys will be going to public school next year. The private school the kids attend only goes up to eighth grade. Our second son made the leap to public school in the fall, so he will be staying there for seventh grade. We are praying about what to do with the girls.
On Tuesday, our fifth grader got to go check out the junior high her brother attends during a “Step Up” day for incoming sixth graders. If you know our daughter, then you know she thought is was cool and awesome and exciting!
Last night, the school had a similar event for parents. After last year’s craziness of registering our son a day before school started (he actually wasn’t even allowed to go on the first day), I wanted to make sure I was completely prepared this year by soaking in all of the available info. Surprisingly enough, I was kind of bored at the Step Up night and even left a bit early.
After having a son in the school this year, I felt like I already knew all of the info they were explaining. After all we’ve been through with private school, then home school, then private school again, I was pretty proud of myself. When other parents were asking questions, I wanted to raise my hand and give the answers. 🙂
Overall, I’m amazed at how much peace I have about the big transitions coming this fall. I wish I could slow down time. I’m not ready to send my bookend kids to HIGH SCHOOL and KINDERGARTEN!! And I can’t believe the two middles will be in junior high. But I also know all four of them are ready. Whatever path we choose for the girls, we know it will include challenges. If there’s one thing we have learned from our crazy schooling journey, it’s that no choice is perfect. … And you can always change your mind.
How about you? Do you have any big decisions to make about the fall?
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