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Well, today, I get to experience a bit of a role reversal!

Throughout my career, I have had the great opportunity to interview lots of people. Whether as a newspaper reporter or as part of my current job as a communications director, I’m usually the one asking people questions.

But a few weeks ago, my friend, Bryan Buckley, asked if he could interview me for his podcast. Bryan and I met about five years ago when he and his family started attending our family’s church (and also the place I work), The Sanctuary Church. Bryan is a corporate trainer and former worship director at a church. He and I immediately connected because of our shared interest in productivity, self improvement and our interest in church life.

Bryan travels a lot for his job, and he always makes a point of bringing back bulletins, brochures, handbooks, DVDs and anything else he can get his hands on from the churches that he visits. I’ve been able to generate a lot of ideas for my job from the many resources he has gathered for me.

A little more than a year ago, we connected through another shared experience.

About six months before my health journey began, Bryan encountered a health crisis of his own. Like me, he was a highly-driven, self-motivated, goal-oriented person who suddenly had to put everything on hold because of his health.

When I had a similar experience a few months later, Bryan became one of the few people in my life who had a unique understanding of what I was going through. When Bryan and I see each other on Sunday mornings, we often ask each other, “How did your week go?” or “How are you doing?” But this isn’t just a routine greeting for us after which we expect the standard answer, “Oh, fine.” When we ask those questions, we are ready for a real answer.

At the beginning of the year, Bryan launched a new podcast called, The Energy Edge. I’ve been a faithful listener since Day One.
I will admit that when I started listening, it was mostly because I was curious about what he was doing and wanted to be able to support a friend in his entrepreneurial endeavors. As someone with a similar bent, I know how much I appreciate the people in my life who read my blog or take an interest in what I’m doing.

After about a month of listening, though, I found myself looking forward to the next Monday’s episode — not just because we are friends, but because he was providing great content! Bryan and his co-host talk about maximizing your energy and health through sleep, healthy eating, stress management, relationships, exercise and more. Every other week, he interviews an expert on a topic related to energy.

Bryan asked me to share my story because he thought it might be helpful to people who are facing a tough situation that impacts one’s health. Our interview centered on my personal story and how I’ve tried to regain my energy even in the midst of a health situation that can knock me down at any time.

It was weird to be on the other side of the interview, that’s for sure. I think I turned out to be one of Bryan’s most high maintenance guests as I over analyzed and fretted about every word that came out of my mouth! But it was a really fun experience, and I hope you will check out our interview. If you love listening to podcasts as much as I do, make sure you add The Energy Edge to your playlist.

Here’s the link to our interview.

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