That time an angel showed up in my driveway

During the past couple of weeks, my son and I have been collaborating to create a short film for a local film fest. I wrote the screenplay, and he has been focusing on his strengths of directing, cinematography and editing.
I’ve spent most of my “extra” time this week creating props for the movie. One of the scenes involves a young couple who have just purchased a house. I was determined to create a realtor sign with the word “SOLD” on it to place in the front yard.
I didn’t have much trouble creating a realtor sign. I spray painted some old signs that we had in the garage and used my Silhouette machine to cut out the logo and wording for the fake realtor.

Then I had to figure out how to build the stand the sign would hang from. I became very stubbornly determined to make a legit stand for my sign. Unfortunately, I came up with this plan AFTER my husband, the master wood worker, had left for a long weekend of baseball.
I found two boards in our wood pile that were the right length. I didn’t know where to find the electric screwdriver, and I wasn’t sure how to use it anyway. So, I just pounded a ton of nails into the boards in both directions.

I painted the boards white and then dug a hole in our front yard to plant the sign. All was going well until the horizontal board began sagging. Within minutes, it had fallen off. I proceeded to pound more nails in every direction. I also remembered finding some Gorilla glue on my husband’s work bench, and thought maybe super glue could keep the whole thing together, for at least a few minutes required to do the scene.
With about an hour left before our actors were to arrive, you could find me in the front yard with super glue, duct tape and two big bricks I was using to try to keep the post from tipping over.
That is when God sent an angel.
At that exact moment, a truck pulled into my driveway with the name of my friend’s roofing company. Before we moved, we lived in the same neighborhood, so I wouldn’t have been surprised to see him pull up at my house. These days, he lives 20 minutes away and doesn’t normally stop by on a Friday afternoon for no reason.
It turns out, a neighbor of mine had called him to get a quote on her roof. Their appointment was actually later in the afternoon, but he finished another call early and decided to head my way.
Oh my word.
I began frantically asking him for help.

Could you possibly help me find my husband’s electric screwdriver and do something to hold this post together?
Oh and by the way, could you help me attach these hooks to hang the realtor sign?
Oh, and while you’re at it, is there something you could do about these bricks I have propping up the sign?
And… I was just planning to attach the “sold “sign with duct tape. Do you have a better idea?

About 15 minutes later, we had constructed the most legit realtor sign.
In fact, a friend pulled up in the driveway and they were heartbroken to find out we had sold our house. Two more people saw the sign driving by and reached out with concern about why we were moving.

The whole time my friend was helping me, I kept looking at him wondering if it was really him. The timing was so unbelievable that I was convinced he was an angel.

We created a lot of great memories this afternoon with our amazing cast who came to help us shoot the movie. But the story of how we built the realtor sign was definitely a highlight I won’t forget.



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