That time I organized my house

I was looking through some stats for my blog this week, when I noticed one of my pins on Pinterest has significantly more traffic than anything else I have ever pinned. It was a photo of the inside of my bathroom cabinet at my old house.

I had placed four simple storage containers in the bottom of that cabinet. Looking back, it was such a smart solution for a space that had been chronically cluttered and unorganized.

It reminded me of that time, six years ago, that I went on a rampage to declutter my house from top to bottom. It was more than just a project to purge and organize. It was a transformation of the way I thought about all of the junk in my life I had been holding onto.

Organizing my house from top to bottom

I went back and read the entire series, which I had called, “The New Me.” It brought back so many awesome memories of our sweet, much smaller house. I had no choice back then but to declutter and organize, because the six of us wouldn’t have room to walk if I didn’t!

Adding cute touches to my home organizing with Washi tape and wrapping paper

Now, here I am six years later. We have a ton more living space. But that has also given me an excuse to let all of my junk pile up again. The New Me has become The Old Me.

So many people I know have been Marie Kondoing like crazy since her TV show came out in January. I read her book a few years ago, “The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up.” It inspired me to refold all of my socks and clothes, but so far even the joy-sparking master of tidying hasn’t been able to motivate me to purge and organize.

I’ve been trying to work up the energy and the courage to face my cluttered drawers, closets and cabinets in this house. But as I read back through THIS POST, I realized some of the mental obstacles that hold me back.

Home organization: The New Me, part 2: Identifying the problem

I also smiled as I read about my continuing love for organizing things in ROY G BIV order. Thankfully, that is one thing that I STILL do!

And man, I sure do miss my beautiful office and laundry room!

Reading through all of these old blog posts has inspired me to dig inside myself and try to resurrect that person who believed she could be organized! As I do, I thought I would repost the links to those old blog posts to see if they would help anyone else

I have a few other big projects that I need to tackle in March, but I’m hoping to at least get started on finding my inner organized self!


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  1. I can’t believe that was already SIX years ago! Wow, time has flown…
    I am not feeling the KonMarie kick AT. ALL. …But we have some family news coming soon that will hopefully kick my rear into gear at SOME POINT this summer…

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