Everything you need to know for your summer photo shoot

People often ask me if I can take photos of their high school senior or their family. For the past few months, I have been telling people “no” due to the busyness of starting a new job. But now that I’m not going to work everyday, I would love to do some photography this summer!

If you are looking for a photographer, here’s what you need to know:

If your child is going to be a senior in the fall, summer is the BEST time to do your photos! Once school starts again, your senior will get super busy. I usually am able to shoot outdoor photos until the first weekend in November. After that, it will start getting too cold, and all of the leaves will be gone, as well.

You can choose a summer date by clicking here.

I shoot all of my photos outdoors in natural light. I will work with you to find a location that fits your child’s personality and sense of style. You can look at some of the locations where I often shoot by clicking here.

Most of my sessions last around one hour. Your child can bring two to three different outfits. A lot of seniors like to bring a uniform or sports jersey.

For pricing info, you can check that out here. I charge a flat fee, which includes access to the high resolution digital images. You can print those or post them online. Typically, a session will result in about 25-35 images.

I know that your senior photos are an important milestone in the life of your family! I try to make them fun and work with your child to bring out his or her personality.

I schedule most of my photography sessions either first thing in the morning or right before sunset. That’s when we’ll get the most flattering light and avoid the heat of the day. (You don’t want to be sweating in your photos!)

I also do family photos, or I can schedule a quick family photo session right before your senior session.

Please plan to have a parent attend the session with your child. The parent can help me make sure your child looks great by keeping hair in place and looking for any wardrobe adjustments that need to be made.

Go check out my web site if you have any other questions!


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